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Baltimore Beatdown Passes One Million Visits

Within the past 24 hours, Baltimore Beatdown finally passed the one million visit plateau. It might have taken awhile, as I took over this site in August 2007, shortly after it started as part of SB Nation. In the almost three years since I've been here, we've gone from under 2,000 visits per month to averaging over 60,000 visits per month over the past year.

The guys who have made it all possible are the ones inside SB Nation who have constantly improved the network through better visuals as well as the links they've gotten us through new associations with other major sites.

However, the credit for the increased traffic is as much due to the readers, authors and commenters who stop by on a daily, if not more often basis. The friendly and sometimes not-so-friendly basis, while all in good fun, brings us visitors from our competition and fuels our competitive fires.

Thanks again to everyone and I feel as proud as a parent for how this site has grown over the years and look forward to hitting our next million a lot quicker!