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Ravens' Season Tickets for Life

Kimberly Feather With Her Lottery Prize
Kimberly Feather With Her Lottery Prize

While taking in all the action at yesterday's Baltimore Ravens OTA/Passing Camp, I noticed a small group standing next to me enjoying the scenery as well. One of the people were holding what appeared to be a large cardboard check. I inquired to the woman what was going on and she proudly responded, "I won Ravens season tickets for life in the lottery!"

Kimberly Fletcher won the season tickets in a Maryland Lottery Scratch-Off Game. The Ravens Cash Fantasy Season Tickets for Life drawing was held in February and she was visiting the Ravens Complex with her family, filming an episode for ble channel TLC as part of their "How the Lottery Changed My Life" series.

The family all came to watch practice and afterwards get autographs and take pictures with a few of the star playerscluding Ray Rice and Joe Flacco. Based on the personal story she told, they really seemed to not only deserve this surprise, but truly appreciate their luck.

Click here for the Maryland State Lottery Press Release.