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Steelers #7 Jersey: Inappropriate?

So I'm down south in West Palm Beach, Florida this weekend and out for a nice Saturday night dinner and stroll at their "City Place," which is a few blocks square group of restaurants, bars, shopping and food. While walking around after a great dinner, I see a kid wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger #7 jersey. Of course, no matter what the past has been, it raises my ire and I sort of sneer at the kid as he walks by. However, now I am wondering and asked my cousin, who is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan, what he thinks of whether or not it is "politically correct" to wear a Big Ben jersey after what he's been through recently?

He says he couldn't care less, but if he had a son (poor guy has four daughters, including 15 year old twins!), he wouldn't want him to wear one. I think that Steelers fans probably still support him for the most part and the kid (actually a pretty big teenager) basically couldn't care less what others thought anyway. I guess what I'm saying is that despite your love and support for your hometown boy, perhaps the in-your-face wearing of that jersey out in public should more than likely be confined to game-time around Pittsburgh, don't you think?