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Ravens' History Part 2: A Franchise is Re-Born

Baltimore Colt Johnny Unitas
Baltimore Colt Johnny Unitas

Alright, so in the first post I lied to you guys, this was not and could not be a weekly series, because of school and athletics. But, I am going to finish what I started eventually, and it will start with this brand-new addition to "Ravens' History". I hope you enjoy, and maybe learn something you didn't know 

(more after the "Jump"...)

Two years after the Baltimore Colts were dissolved as a franchise (1953), NFL commissioner, Bert Bell, challenged Baltimore to sell 15,000 or more season tickets in six weeks in order to re-enter into the NFL. Baltimore reached that 15,000 tickets mark in a matter of four weeks and three days. Their struggle was rewarded in December of 1953 when the NFL franchise, the Dallas Texans, was re-located to Baltimore, where it then began one of the most successful franchises in the history of the NFL.

After the Dallas Texans were relocated to Baltimore, they were re-named the Baltimore Colts, restoring the franchise that existed two years prior to this relocation. The citizens were excited, the stadium was built, the only thing left to do, was to wait a few months for the season to kick-off.

Baltimore fans didn’t get any "Oo’s" or "Ah’s" in their first five years as a franchise that looked destined to be relocated, from lack of attendance and negative financial income. But just when it looked like no sun shone on the city of Baltimore, The 1958 season began. In 1958 the Baltimore Colts showed America that there is always hope in the worst of situations. The shaky franchise sky-rocketed to 9-3 in the 1958 season and won the Western Division. This landed the Baltimore Colts into the league championship where they would play the New York Giants.

It was December 28, 1958, The Colts went into the game knowing that city was relying on them to bring back a world title, and they didn’t disappoint. They went on to win 23-17 in overtime, (the first professional sport's game to go into sudden-death overtime) in what is widely called, "The Greatest Game Ever Played". In this game two legends were born; The Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Unitas, and Head Coach, Weeb Ewbank. Both are responsible for introducing Baltimore to the sweet taste of success.