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SB Nation's Pride of Detroit: Mock Draft

From our brothers at SB Nation's blog on the Detroit Lions, Pride of Detroit, comes another Mock Draft, with the Baltimore Ravens selection at #25 of the first round. Tony "represented" the Ravens, was kind enough to solicit my opinion on what he was looking at and who was still available as he got closer to his turn in making their pick.

He gave me a few options to comment on, but if you go to the story you'll see my response on who'd I love to have if they fell to us but what I would do if not. Trading the pick was just not an option in their Mock Draft, so I didn't have a problem with his recommendation, although the approval vote is pretty much split down the middle with a slight edge towards agreeing with the pick.

Pride of Detroit has exploded recently in terms of traffic as they had been averaging around 80,000 visits per month but last month garnered an incredible 233,000 visits and are already over 56,000 visits in April alone! Perhaps having one of the top picks in the draft along with the rebuilding process and recent free agent signings have had something to do with it. Either way, our pick in this story is sure to get a lot of looks and perhaps some traffic will be sent our way as well.

Click here to see Tony's selection for the Ravens 25th pick in the first round of Pride of Detroit's Mock Draft.