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Meet WR Donald Jones

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Youngstown State's wide receiver Donald Jones is getting more than a little interest from NFL scouts ahead of the NFL Draft coming up in little more than two weeks. Several NFL Scouts showed up at Youngstown's Pro Day and the guy who stood out there as well as the NFL Combine in February was the 6'1" 214 pound wide receiver.

Thanks to his agent, Shawn from XAM Sports, we were able to get him to answer a few questions about himself and why he thinks the Baltimore Ravens would be smart to pick him up, as he is projected by NFL Draft Scout to be a 6th or 7th round selection. Click on the NFL Draft Scout link to see more about Jones, including his stats, honors and videos.

Check out his Q&A after the 'Jump.'

Q&A w/ Donald Jones (WR-Youngstown State)

  1. What skill set do you bring to your position that you feel would be the right fit for playing with the current players on the Ravens?  I play hard all the time.  I am a great blocking wide receiver.  I’m a good route runner.  I run with the ball in my hands.

  2. What do you see as your strongest asset that will help any team that drafts or signs you?  I run well with the ball in my hands.  I am a leader.  
  3. What is the weakest part of your game that you feel needs to be groomed at the professional level?  Improving on learning defenses. 

  4. What player currently in the NFL would you honestly compare yourself to?  Anquan Boldin
  5. Which player on the Ravens offense/defense (whichever you play) would you most look forward to playing with and why? Anquan Boldin because I love to watch him play and I would love to learn from him.
  6. Why should the Baltimore Ravens draft or sign you?  I am a winner.  I do what it takes to win. 

NOTE: This is the first in a series of posts, sponsored by Comcast, which will cover the individual players that might be of interest to Baltimore Ravens fans, and hopefully the Ravens themselves.