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NFL Pre-Game Flyovers

NFL Pregame Flyover (via YouTube)

As the National Anthem comes to it's final lines, there is nothing that gets you as psyched up for the kickoff as the pre-game flyover by one of our armed forces jets. Patriotism is at its highest when we see them streak over the stadium with the roar of their engines as the game is set to begin. Leter, we get a camera closeup of the pilots who have made their way to the stadium to get their just do with a resounding ovation from the fans.

It's an amazing sight to see, hear and feel, but it is just not a simple manuever to execute. Here is a little video from the NFL Network on what goes into the planning for such an event, with clips from a lot of stadiums. Watch closely and you can see one from the Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium.