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Meet New Raven Ramon Harewood

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Ramon Harewood (from Morehouse College Maroon Tigers)

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The Baltimore Ravens final draft pick of the 2010 NFL Draft was left tackle Ramon Harewood, whom the team took in the 6th round, pick 194 overall. Harewood, out of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, hails from Barbados and never played the game before stepping on the practice field four years ago. In his home island country, Ramon played volleyball, cricket, rugby and soccer, but knew nothing of this game known as American football.

(Click on the 'Jump' to read more and see a great CNN video on his journey to the NFL.)

However, a College Fair recruiter saw him and immediately thought of how to connect his desire to attend college in America and play football. Harewood actually got an academic scholarship to Morehouse and wanted to be an engineer, but those plans will now have to wait. The Baltimore Ravens believe his raw skills and massive size (6'6", 360 pounds) can be harnessed by their coaches and turn this kid into a man on the gridiron.

CNN was so impressed with his journey that they did a story on his path to the NFL, and the video was produced long before the Ravens took a chance on him in this past weekend's draft. His size, background and rise from obscurity to the NFL might make you think of another recent Raven draft pick (Michael Oher) who took the long road to professional football by picking up the game late and through sheer will and effort, proved that it is possible to earn your way into the NFL despite the long odds against you, especially if you've never played the game all your life.

Click here to see the CNN video.

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