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Grading the 2010 NFL Draft - Baltimore Ravens

With the direction that this team is trying to go (Dallas), the 2010 draft became one of the most important times in Baltimore Ravens history. A team that in 2009 was very strong and made a great run in the playoffs, but seemed to be just a few players short of achieving a 2nd Superbowl victory. With only 5 picks entering Thursday night, the Baltimore Ravens decided that it was in their best interest to make a move where they could get extra picks and still select players of great value. Well that is exactly what Ozzie Newsome and company were able to do and here is the grade for each pick and the overall draft itself for Baltimore.

Round 2 (43) - Sergio Kindle - OLB - Texas

  • Baltimore was able to get the best pure OLB in the draft this year with the 43rd overall pick. That is great value for a team that desperately needed to improve its pass rush. Kindle is a freakish athlete who played in so many different looks while at Texas. Because of his athleticism, he has no problem dropping back in coverage if needed. Only concern coming into the draft was his health, where many teams actually took him off their boards all together. Ravens swooped in and grabbed a guy who is going to be a stud for years to come. Kindle "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: A-

Round 2 (57) - Terrence Cody - NT- Alabama

  • For months, this was maybe the most sought after pick in Baltimore. While so many teams and fan bases gave no consideration for Cody joining their squad because of weight issues, the Ravens and their fans welcomed it. Can't tell you how happy everyone should be with this pick. Does he need to work on his weight? Of course. But the guy is a monster. Cody is the perfect run stuffing Nose Tackle that this defense loves having. He will have a great chance to start from day 1 and should make for an immovable tandem with him and Haloti Ngata. Absolutely incredible pick. Cody "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: A+++

Rest of the grades after the jump

Round 3 (70) - Ed Dickson - TE- Oregon

  • This pick came as a surprise considering there was some great talent left on the board at Tight End when it came to our selection in the third round. However, Eric DeCosta assured us that Dickson was a guy they have been targeting months before the draft. Not the best blocking TE, but a serious pass catching TE with great abilities to stretch the field. Should be a wonderful compliment to Todd Heap. Dickson "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: B-

Round 4 (114) - Dennis Pitta - TE - BYU

  • Coming into this draft, 2nd year TE Davon Drew was the backup to Todd Heap. So, Baltimore decided to go out and reload at one of our most pressing needs and selected another Tight End in Dennis Pitta. Pitta is the ultimate package as a pass catching Tight End. A four year starter who has put up insane numbers and became one of the most dangerous players in college football over the last 2 seasons. Combing Pitta with Heap and Dickson, the Ravens can finally use the 2 and 3 Tight End offense, which is very dangerous in the NFL. Pitta "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: B+

Round 5 (156) - David Reed - WR- Utah

  • Many of us really knew nothing of Reed coming into this draft, and with some of the bigger names left on the board at WR heading into this pick, it was somewhat of a surprise. Yet, Reed was obviously a player who the Ravens' scouts coveted. Good size and very good quickness for a player at 6'1". Has good return abilities and could definitely battle for the slot WR spot for years to come. Definitely needs to improve on route running from what is said about him. Reed "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: C+

Round 5 (157) - Arthur Jones - DT - Syracuse

  • This is definitely the Ravens "steal" of the draft. Jones had a 2nd-3rd round grade on him from many of the experts and fans out there. High motor guy with incredible strength and again fills a need for the Ravens. With the loss of Dwan Edwards to Buffalo and Justin Bannan to Denver, pairing Jones with Mount Cody is an upgrade for many years to come. Jones "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: B+

Round 6 (194) - Ramon Harewood - OT/OG - Morehouse

  • Another surprise pick by Ozzie, but seems to be a good one. Coming into this draft, it seemed that we needed just one more O-Lineman for depth to solidify one of the best groups in the league. Harewood is a high character guy with incredible intelligence. Also is insanely big, standing at 6'7" and 360 pounds. Played Tackle in college, but many think he will be better suited at Guard in the NFL. Has great versatility for our Offensive Line. Going to be a project and needs to work very hard on quickness off the snap and his footwork. Harewood "Plays Like a Raven."
  • GRADE: C+

Overall Grade: A

  • It might seem a little "homerish" to give the Ravens an "A" for this draft, but us fans are not the only ones. So many of the analysts out there could not stop talking about the draft that we had and guys like Todd McShay and Mike Mayock thought that we struck gold on each one of our picks. Guess you can say the only reason Baltimore does not receive an A+ for this draft was because we were not able to use any of our picks on a Cornerback. However, if Ozzie Newsome and Eric DeCosta did not select a CB, it is because they did not see enough talent to help this team. Going with BPA while also filling two very pressing needs (D-Line and Tight End), this was an amazing draft for Baltimore.

On behalf of the Ravens fan base and members of Baltimore Beatdown, we thank you Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, Joe Hortiz and all the coaches and scouts for yet again making this another season to look forward to. Proud to be a Raven.