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With the 194th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select...

...Ramon Harewood, OT, Morehouse College. Harewood stands at 6'7" and 360 pounds, but has only four years of football experience, out of Barbados, where he played a bunch of soccer, rugby, volleyball and cricket. He will be a project, with a possible huge upside if he ever develops.

This was the Baltimore Ravens final pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. After starting the draft with only five picks, they finished with seven and arguably got two first round talents in their second round picks, Serio Kindle and Terrence Cody. Of course the outcome of the draft will not be known until this season's over and perhaps even beyond that.

However, every Ravens' fan should be thankful that we have such a great scouting department as well as the guys up "front" in GM Ozzie Newsome and Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta. They worked tirelessly to put together their draft board and it obviously paid off, as the trade we made in the 1st round looks to have ended up as a steal based on the quality of guys we got in those draft slots.