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Meet the newest Baltimore Ravens: Sergio Kindle & Terrence Cody

Baltimore Ravens Draft Table (Thanks to SB Nation's Brad Wells for this photo)
Baltimore Ravens Draft Table (Thanks to SB Nation's Brad Wells for this photo)

Shortly after the Baltimore Ravens selected both Sergio Kindle (OLB-Texas) and Terrence Cody (DT-Alabama), they were put on the speakerphone for a quick conference call with the media and yours truly got a couple of questions into them.

Meet Texas OLB Sergio Kindle: Originally projected to go much earlier in this draft, the Ravens were very excited to get the chance to draft Kindle with the 11th pick in the second round. nitially asked the first question about how it feels to be a Baltimore Raven, he answered "It feels f-ing great!" In his defense, he did use the word "effing."      Here is what I asked him:

Beatdown: "What's it going to be like playing next to Ray Lewis?"

Kindle: "Who else better could you play with? "Ray Ray' is the leader of the defense and whatnot, but you've got leaders on all four levels of defense. You've got Suggs coming off the edge who can teach me some things about coming off the other side. You've got Ray in the middle, and you've got Ed Reed in the back. Ain't no getting past the first three levels."

(Note: What's the 4th level he spoke about?)

Click on the 'Jump to meet Terrence Cody.

Meet Alabama defensive tackle Terrence Cody: Cody was a guy many of us on The Beatdown wanted the team to pick and now he's a Baltimore Raven. In Cody's career at Alabama, he never played a game where an opposing rusher not only gained over 100 yards, but never had a run longer than six yards! It was amazing that Cody was still available when the Ravens went on the clock for the 25th oick (57th overall) in the 2nd round. Here's what I asked Terrence:

Beatdown: "Terrence, what do you know about Haloti Ngata and do you look forward to playing with him?"

Cody: "I mean, I watched the Draft when he was drafted by the Ravens a while back, and I see he's a big guy, and he's strong and he makes plays."

(NOTE: Not exactly the colorful interview like Kindle was.)

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