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NFL Draft: 1st Round 'Open Thread'

Here we are at the Baltimore Ravens Headquarters and Practice Facility. Sitting along with the other media, Front Office personnel swirling all around us, the facility is at the same time, open to the press yet shrouded in a veil of secrecy about what the team plans to do with the 25th overall selection in the first round. The decision of whether to use it, trade back or even trade up probably won't begin to form, as GM Ozzie Newsome said, until "after the first 15 picks have been made."

Specualtion among the folks here ranges mostly from keeping or trading back, although we've all see the 'wizardry' of what Ozzie has done in the past, so unless the team trades up to an earlier position or makes a draft day trade, we won't be hearing the words, "The Baltimore Ravens are on the clock" anytime soon, and it could easily be close to 11pm when the team's turn comes up.

Stick here with me and Baltimore Beatdown as I post my comments "LIVE" from the team's auditorium on the picks ahead of us and what the pulse of the facility is like throughout the night!