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2010 NFL Draft: Late Round "Steals"

Ozzie Newsome is considered to be the very best General Manager in the league when it comes to bringing in new personal, especially in the draft. When you have a team full of talent like the Baltimore Ravens and front office with Ozzie Newsome, boy genius Eric DeCosta and Joe Hortiz running the show, it is very rare that you see this team miss on draft picks.

The first 3 rounds of the draft are usually the picks where you can get immediate production and guys can become starters from week 1. However, rounds 4 through 7 hold a lot of value, especially for a team like Baltimore. This is an area of the draft where 2nd and 3rd round talent slips because of character issues, not being fast enough, not being strong enough, etc. Yet, sometimes these late round picks are overlooked and wind up becoming very, very good players. Let's take a look at some of the late round steals Ozzie has pulled off in the past.

  • Jermaine Lewis - WR - 1996 (5th round)
  • Jeff Mitchell - C - 1997 (5th round)
  • Edwin Mulitalo - G - 1999 (4th round)
  • Brandon Stokley - WR - 1999 (4th round)
  • Adalius Thomas - DE/OLB - 2000 (6th round)
  • Edgerton Hartwell - LB - 2001 (4th round)
  • Jarret Johnson - DE/OLB - 2003 (4th round)
  • Jason Brown - C - 2005 (4th round)
  • Sam Koch - P - 2006 (6th round)
  • Dawan Landry - SS - 2006 (5th round)
  • LeRon McClain - FB - 2007 (4th round)
  • Tom Zbikowski - FS - 2008 (4th round)
  • Haruki Nakamura - FS - 2008 (6th round)

Looking at this list, you can clearly tell how successful Ozzie Newsome and crew have been in these later rounds. Each one of these players have had a huge impact on this football team and made enormous contributions to this league. Even though the Ravens do not have a 3rd, 4th, and 7th round pick, they do have two 5th round picks and one 6th round pick and I expect more to come by Saturday. So, for the 2010 NFL draft, here is a list of player that I feel will become steals when taken in the later rounds in this weekend's draft.

Picks after the Jump....


Vuna Tuihalamaka - MLB - Arizona - Highlights
  • The first time I was able to watch this guy, which was actually a Arizona football game on TV, I thought it was Troy Polamalu running around out there. Tuihalamaka defines "flying to the football" and makes tackles from angles that you never expected could be made in football. Relentless player who goes full speed on every single play. I suggest you watch the highlights and come to conclusion that this guy "plays like a Raven." One of my favorite players in the draft this year and will be a steal for any team in the later rounds. Has already had a visit with Baltimore also.

Nolan Carroll - CB - Maryland

  • Carroll has been a player I have had the privilege of watching in person for every game over the last 3 years. Great size (6'0" 205 lbs) for someone who is as explosive as Carroll is. Has really good read and react skills when facing the QB and closes in on the ball nicely. Good in man coverage, but needs to get more familiar with his role as a CB in run support. Should be a really good nickel and dime back for a team coming out of the 5th-6th round.

Michael Hoomanawanui - TE - Illinois - Highlights

  • Hoomanawanui is coming from a system in Illinois that was not the best in passing. QB Juice Williams lacked a lot of the skills needed to get an offense going through the air, but Hoomanawanui made the most of what he got. Has better feet than people give him credit for and can get down field rather quickly. Now the area where he excels in blocking. Man, this guy really likes to block people. Gets in their face really fast and just blows people up left and right. The few games I have been able to watch, Hoomanawanui was just killing it. He was a huge reason why RB Rashard Mendenhall was able to have such a successful season 2 years ago.

George Selvie - DE - South Florida - Highlights

  • Selvie was getting national recognition before the freak that is Jason Pierre-Paul stepped into South Florida. Entering the 2009 season, Selvie was the nation's leader in career tackles for loss and second in career sacks. Led all NCAA players in career tackles for loss throughout his junior season. The knock on Selvie is his skinny frame. He does not seem to be a player that will ever be able to add and hold onto the bulk needed to play DE in the NFL. In a 3-4 system, Selvie should be used as a OLB. But any team that gets Selvie will be very, very happy with the pass rush he can bring.

Quentin Scott - FS - Northern Iowa

  • Another guy who has quickly become one of my favorite players in the draft this year. Incredible size (6'4" 224 lbs) and speed for a FS. Had a very impressive pro day and is starting to move into the later rounds because of his performance at workouts. Great reaction to the ball when it is released, fast back pedal. Scott is a true center fielder and takes the deep ball away from so many offenses. Could be a very solid pick for any team in the 6th round.

Other Players Who Are Late Round "Steals"

  • Shay Hodge - WR - Ole Miss
  • Brandon Deaderick - DT - Alabama
  • Arthur Moats - OLB - James Madison
  • Javarris James - RB - Miami
  • Manase Tonga - FB - BYU
  • John Skelton - QB - Fordham
  • Garrett Lindholm - K - Tarleton State
  • Jameson Konz - TE - Kent State
  • Sam Young - OT - Notre Dame
  • Aiona Key - WR - Utah