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Examining the 2010 NFL Draft - CB

1. Kyle Wilson - Boise State (5'11" 195 lbs) Highlights - SB Nation Draft Profile

- Strengths: The best reaction to the ball in this draft. Uses elite agility to stick with any WR, no matter what route it is. The best ball hawk of all CB's for sure. Fluent hips and strong back pedal. Great at baiting QB to throw it towards his direction where he makes much of his interceptions on jumping routes. Incredible break away speed. Excels at press coverage. Good jump ball CB. Elite return man

- Weaknesses: Not the best in run support. Tends to forget to wrap up tackle on players and sort of just throws his body at them. Can be caught gambling too much at times.

- NFL Comparison: Al Harris

- Round Projection: Mid 1st

2. Joe Haden - Florida (5'11" 193 lbs) Highlights - SB Nation Draft Profile

- Strengths: Great zone coverage CB. Does not lose ground even though Haden played some off-man coverage. Man coverage is his specialty. Can read the QB really well. Solid in run support and a very good tackler. Incredible lower body control.

- Weaknesses: Doesn't usually knock the ball carrier backwards on tackles. Swats the ball away when he might have had the interception. Late to the ball sometimes after it has been released even when he has good coverage on the WR.

- NFL Comparison: Nate Clements

- Round Projection: Top 10 pick

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3. Devin McCourty - Rutgers (5'11" 193 lbs) Highlights

- Strengths: Can play on or off the WR. Stays low on his back pedal. Solid at changing direction based on the WR route. Very strong hands. Helps in run support very often. Gets off blocks very, very well. Great return man.

- Weaknesses: Struggles against bigger Wide Receivers. Can get away from the play too often in zone coverages. Needs to bulk up.

- NFL Comparison: Aaron Ross

- Round Projection: 1-2

4. Patrick Robinson - Florida State (5'11" 190 lbs) Highlights

- Strengths: A very instinctive Cornerback with elite athleticism. Much better against WR and RB screen passes than people give him credit for. Reads the QB very well. Had a great career in man coverage.

- Weaknesses: Needs work in coverage. Another CB who gambles too often. Loses balance of his back pedal on short come back routes. Not the most physical CB.

- NFL Comparison: Lardarius Webb

- Round Projection: 2

5. Kareem Jackson - Alabama (6'0" 198 lbs)

- Strengths: One of the best at reading what the WR next move will be. Does not get fooled often by WR. Great at jamming the WR right off the snap. Good 1 on 1 tackler. Play maker. Does not back down from any tackle.

- Weaknesses: Not the best down field speed. Tends to get beat across the middle. Needs to get up in the face of his WR on deep routes more often. Late on turning his hips at times.

- NFL Comparison: Marlin Jackson

- Round Projection: 2

Sleeper Pick: Amari Spievey - Iowa