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Ravens Game Changing Offseason Moves

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On behalf of SB Nation, Baltimore Beatdown is proud to be producing a series of six posts, all sponsored by Sprint, every other week, detailing the "Game Changing Offseason Moves" of the Ravens. Thhe Ravens were one of the more active teams in the off season, with several key moves, including the obvious upgrades they made at wide receiver in trading for former Arizona Cardinals' Anquan Boldin and signing free agent Donte Stallworth. However, probably the most popular move was the re-signing of veteran wideout Derrick Mason.




Mason met the media earlier this week and said that similar to last season, he once again considered retirement. He stated that he had business interests back in Nashville that could keep him busy and hinted that a possible post-playing career might find him behind the microphone analyzing the game that he loves.

However, the other recent moves that the team made combined with his desire to win a Super Bowl ring was enough of a lure to bring him back for his 14th NFL season. Only 137 receptions shy of 1,000 for his career, Mason signed a two year contract and could very well reach that plateau over the next two seasons.

While it appears that D-Mase will no longer be the sole threat in the passing game like he has been for the past few years, he still believes there are enough balls to go around to keep everyone happy and besides, he says he just wants a ring more than the personal stats. However, to help one of the classiest guys in the league reach such a prestigious milestone would be an honor for the Ravens to share with the man who has played the game with a smile on his face and epitomizes so much which is lacking in the game today. Unfortunately this is currently evidenced by what has been in the forefront of the league in the legal troubles of certain players that unfairly stereotypes athletes as "above the law," when an overwhelming majority are true to their sport just like Mason.

Glad to have you back, Derrick and hopefully over the next two years, you'll have a nice, big, gaudy ring on your finger to go along with those gaudy, yet well earned statistics on the field.