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Ravens Opening Night Club in Pittsburgh

The Baltimore Ravens reportedly are building a night club in Pittsburgh, right next to the Steelers' stadium. This new venture is being investigated by the league's Competition Committee to see whether or not it breaks any rules regarding the team's ownership.

The club, to be named, "Edgar's," will feature great game-day deals on beer, wings and even jello shooters and also have over 85% of the club designated as V.I.P. areas, perhaps in order to lure the big name celebrities and even Steelers' players "away from the gridiron ...and onto bar stools!"

(More on the Club after the 'Jump')

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome defended the team's decision and right to open the Club right next to the Steelers' home turf and owner Steve Bisciotti said:

 "We can’t make the Steelers players frequent the club, but what I can tell you is…if they don’t they will be missing out on a great time."

See the link to the full story here.



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