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BREAKING NEWS: Ravens Acquire WR Anquan Boldin

The Baltimore Ravens have made one of the biggest moves of the off-season in less than 24 hours of Free Agency starting. After passing up Brandon Marshall who seemed to be a great fit for the Ravens, they have officially made the trade with the Arizona Cardinals. ESPN's Adam Schefter reports:

Done deal: Arizona trades WR Anquan Boldin and a 2010 fifth-round pick to Baltimore for Ravens 2010 third- and fourth-round picks.

This is a great move for the Ravens and looks to only be the beginning of some more great moves to come later on. With the draft coming up, we still have a 1st and 2nd while getting rid of our 3rd and 4th and receiving the Cardinals 5th rounder. With compensation picks still coming, this should be a strong off-season for Baltimore.

More to come. Stay Tuned. Great move Ozzie. Thanks for getting it done.

UPDATE: Ravens already got the deal done. 4 Years worth $28 Million.

UPDATE 2: Amazing quote from Boldin.

I’m definitely excited. For me, I’ve been hoping for this for a year since I first heard that the Ravens might be interested in me. I even talked with Ray [Lewis] about it a year ago. I really look at this as a great opportunity for me. They love football in Baltimore. I know that from when the Cardinals played there a few years ago. That place was loud, very impressive by the fans. The Ravens play a certain way. They play as hard and as physical as any team in the league, and I want to add to that. I think I play the way they play.