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Beatdown Daily (First day of Free Agency Re-cap)


The Baltimore Ravens have traded a third and fourth round pick to Arizona for a 5th round pick and WR Anquan Boldin. This is exactly the splash Ravens wanted to see in the first day of the real of-season, and they got their wish. With the recent addition of Stallworth and Boldin, the Baltimore Ravens have made their offense over the top, but it still can improve. We still need a TE and a younger WR via 2010 NFL draft. But here is the article you guys have been waiting for all day.

Free Agency(For the league from now on, no longer just Raven's moves):

-Julius Peppers inks with the Chicago Bears, Ditto with Chester Taylor

-Lions pick up Kyle Vanden Bosh, include Nate Burleson in that grab.

-Brackett re-signs with Colts

-Dunta Robinson signs with the Falcons

-Packers re-sign Chad Clifton

-Seattle bringing Marshall into town (Damn it....)

-Cribbs re-signs with Browns

-Wilfork re-signs with Patriots

-Karlos Dansby signs with Dolphins

-Charger trade Cromartie to the Jets

-Bannan signs with Broncos