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Baltimore Beatdown Makes Top 100 NFL Blogs List

I received an email this morning from Carolyn over at the Forensic Science Technician. The Forensic Science Blog did a story on the Top 100 Blogs for NFL Fans and you guessed it, Baltimore Beatdown was in there for those fans who follow the AFC North. Forensic Science Technician listed 12 blogs in the AFC North section, three following the Baltimore Ravens.

The other two were...

...Ravens 24x7 and Ebony Bird. Ravens 24x7 has been around a long time and I actually had been impressed with the writings of Tony Lombardi. However, after glancing at some of his recent stories, I am changing that train of thought. He just wrote about Terrell Owens not being a Raven and sort of mocks Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times and National Football Post for being the only writer not realizing how sarcastic Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh was being when he said he'd love to have Owens on the team, which I thought was pretty lame. Even more surprising was that he wrote about how picking up LaDainian Tomlinson and getting rid of Willis McGahee was a great way to "upgrade" our rushing attack. Are you serious, Tony!?

The Ebony Bird is a Raven blog I've never seen before but is part of what is called the Fansided Network. I clicked on their Sitemeter, which is supposed to list their traffic, just like we have at the bottom of each blog's page on SB Nation. However, when you click on our Sitemeter, it lists the traffic for that specific blog, not the entire network, as it does on Ebony Bird. I can only surmise that the only reason they do that is because the individual sites have pretty weak traffic that it not worthy of promoting as an individual site. If SB Nation did that, it would show around 20 million visits per month across the entire network, blowing away the Fansided Network. In one of their most recent stories, they do a seven round Mock Draft, with their first two picks actually the same (Jermaine Gresham, Marty Gilyard) as the one our own Mr MaLoR did a couple of weeks back, so either great minds think alike, or...

So let's relish in another noteworthy comment about Baltimore Beatdown from an objective outside source. Since we are relatively biased and subjective in our assessments of our competition, the honor of being noticed is always a plus for the continuing development of The Beatdown. Thanks to Carolyn of The Forensic Scientist Technician for recommending us to their readership and letting us know.