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Q&A: Ravens' Owner Steve Bisciotti

Unfortunately, I cannot take credit for scoring such a great interview with the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. However, our good friends, who we are now linked together with, the National Football Post, got a chance to sit down with Bisciotti at the owner's meeting in Orlando earlier this week. Congratulations to Aaron Wilson of the NFP, who spoke with Steve and got his opinions and comments on the labor issues as well as the team and it's recent success.

Click here to read Aaron Wilson's interview of Steve Bisciotti.

In addition, as I mentioned above, SB Nation has forged a partnership with the National Football Post, to share links, advertising and expand on their relationship to further benefit both entities. The National Football Post is one of the foremost leaders in following the state of football from the angles of the players, coaches, scouts and agents, while SB Nation has every team in every sport covered on more of a team-specific basis.

Click here to see the article of this new association, in the national publication Street & Smith's Sports Business Daily.