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Ravens Deserve "Throwback" Uniforms Too

With pretty much every other team in the NFL having a "throwback" uniform honoring the team's city from the past, why don't the Baltimore Ravens have one, while some of those other teams even have multiple ones? I realize that the Ravens themselves have only been in existence since 1996 and came from Cleveland in the first place, but the city of Baltimore has a long storied history in the NFL and it should not remain buried under the embarrassing cloud of infamy that raises debate every time the topic comes up.

Rather than hide or argue the merits of what happened in 1984, the city and the league should agree to honor Baltimore's contribution to the success of the professional game by granting it the ability and right to come up with a throwback uniform that recognizes the relationship between the Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Ravens.

The best way to do his is to combine the histories of these two teams into one throwback uniform. While it might regurgitate the past in some people, most would celebrate the integration of the two and appreciate the recognition of what is one of the franchises that many say actually put the NFL on the map in late 1958.

Many other teams' throwback jerseys are so far from what the teams' uniforms look like now that it would be difficult to pass a test naming what team they belong to due to the different colors, logos and styles. The Ravens throwbacks would be an easily recognizable one by virtue of what should be done.

The catalyst for this story was an email I received that directed me to a link with a story pleading for others to join them in lobbying for the Ravens to get their own throwbacks and I think they are spot on with not only their idea but their proposed designs. Once you go to the link, the first thing you will see is the logo, which beautifully says it all. The body of the text with accompanying designs, offer the team enough choices to pick one, give them the credit and proudly disply our city's professional football heritage once or twice a year.

Check it out here.