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Comcast to Sponsor Baltimore Beatdown for 2010

Some pretty exciting news for us here at Baltimore Beatdown!  The good folks at Comcast have decided to sponsor this here blog for the rest of 2010.  They've come to The Beatdown and many of the other NFL blogs on the network to help them get the word out about their NFL programming, including the off season as well as their regular season coverage and of course their NFL RedZone channel. They obviously know that the best way to get to the best and most hardcore football fans in America is to go through the SBNation family of websites, and this site is no exception.  The fact that companies like this are coming to Baltimore Beatdown and to SB Nation in general speaks volumes about how much the site and the community have grown over the course of the past couple of years, not to mention the power you, the members of sites like this, yield.

There's more after the 'Jump' about this great opportunity with Comcast's sponsorship!

Here is even more what Comcast will be offering to its subscribers:

* Comcast's cable lineup, including NFL Network, will offer wall-to-wall draft coverage including a live broadcast of the draft

* NFL Network on Demand on Comcast will complement all the live draft coverage with profiles of the 100 top prospects available leading up to the draft

* Comcast's NFL programming will also include extensive training camp coverage, preseason game broadcasts and full coverage of Hall of Fame weekend

* During the regular season, NFL Network on Demand lets you re-watch every NFL game as soon as 24 hours following it's original airing

* The wildly successful and popular Red Zone will be back on Comcast for a second season.

Now, I don't want to seem like a shill for Comcast, but our sponsors are critically important for our network and each individual site. Having an NFL team puts us in the limelight and allows others to come to sites like Baltimore Beatdown and find out what's going on with the Ravens and other teams around the league. Along with the recent associations with USA Today, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, National Football Post, Comcast's relationship catapults us to the top of the blogosphere. So appreciate the opportunities and thanks to Comcast for the sponsorship!