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Cincy Jungle Grades the AFC North

Over at the Cincinnati Bengals blog, Cincy Jungle, Kirkendall does an interesting analysis of what the off season moves have done to the balance of the AFC North. He rates the moves of, for instance, the Baltimore Ravens trade for Anquan Boldin and compares it to the free agent signing of Antonio Bryant by the Bengals, saying they believe the Bryant signing is better for the Bengals than the Ravens acquisition of Boldin.

That might sit fine with Cincinnati fans, butsomething tells me most Ravens fans will feel otherwise and therefore I urge you to calmly visit our AFC North brethren at Cincy Jungle to post your dissenting thoughts, but please do so in appropriate terms.

For more on their analysis of the entire division, including their thoughts on our mutual enemies, the Pittsburgh Steelers, along with the cellar-dwelling, yet improving Cleveland Browns, click here.