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Beatdown Daily


With your NFL news, Ravens or not, please welcome the next addition of Beatdown Daily!

Free Agency:

-LT signs with Jets (Ewww. what an ugly jersey that will be...)

-Joey Porter signs with Cardinals (Great fit)

-Titans sign Jason Babin

-Nathan Vasher released by Bears

-Shawn Andrews released by Eagles ( We do need some depth at O-line..)

-Rex Grossman signed by Redskins

-Darryl Tapp traded to Eagles, who then locked him down for a 3-year contract

-Derek Anderson signed by Cardinals

-Brady Quinn traded to Broncos

-Brown sign Delhomme (Good luck..)

Draft News:

-Suh works out for Lions

-Terrance Cody to work out for Ravens

Joke of the Day:

-What do you call an Afghan virgin?
-Never-bin-laid on