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Marvin Harrison Not Playing For a Reason

Former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison let his game do the talking for him while on the receiving end of so many Peyton Manning passes. Never known as a speed demon or a demonstrative performer, Harrison used his great route running skills and hands to do the talking for him. Quiet and reserved on the field as well as in the locker room, Marvin was rarely in the spotlight, but always in the highlights.

Now entering his second season without an NFL team to call home, Harrison's name seems to come up in discussions, yet he still hasn't been able to find a home after playing 13 years in Indianapolis and catching over 1100 passes, with eight Pro Bowl selections. You might be wondering why no NFL team is interested in adding his skill set and experience to their roster and this might very well be why.

Marvin Harrison made a lot of money in his NFL career, yet instead of moving to the cushy suburban lifestyle of the rich and famous, he still resides in the same area of downtown Philadelphia that he grew up in. Most of his family is either dead or in jail, with multiple brushes with the law, enough to have a very shady reputation with law enforcement officials in town. A while ago, there was a shooting in the neighborhood and according to many sources, depending on which you decide to believe, Harrison's gun was involved and perhaps even Marvin himself pulled the trigger.

For the first time since the altercation, eyewitnesses are speaking out and doing that in the 'hood usually is a one way ticket to an untimely meeting with a bullet in retaliation for speaking with the law. Gentlemen's Quarterly (GQ) Magazine's February issue has the story and interview with one of the eyewitnesses, who was hit by a stray bullet and feared for his life after the incident, thereby not speaking about what he saw that day. Now under witness protection, he is spilling the beans about what may implicate Harrison as a person that most football fans and especially Colts' fans, never expected from the mild mannered and professional demeanor of the player they knew, respected and even loved.

Without further comments from me, who just finished reading the article, check out the story in GQ by clicking here. After reading it yourself, perhaps you will alter your impression of the guy who most say is without a doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer, but might find his way into a prison before he gets into the Hall. To get a better idea of what he accomplished in the NFL, check out his career stats here. It's amazing about what we find out about the person under the helmet once they come off the field for what appears to be the final time in Harrison's case.