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Tim Tebow Blows Away the Competition

Tim Tebow Takes Questions at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine
Tim Tebow Takes Questions at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine

Many people, including pro football scouts, have said that the only way that Florida QB Tim Tebow will ever make it in the NFL will be if he switches positions to something like an H-Back or even a tight end. However, there are still those that say he can absolutely play quarterback in the league and stand by him making it at the next level. Regardless of where you stand on that, there is no doubt that the guy has impressed everyone with his athletic ability that has blown away the competition in the drills so far at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Look at the drills that Tebow has competed in so far and the results simply cannot be argued. The guy is a beast!

The forty-yard dash might be Tebow's worst performance, as he only finished fourth at 4.72 seconds, slower than some of the defensive linemen and linebackers that will be chasing him as a quarterback.

He hasn't participated in the 225 pound bench press, but his other drills had eye-opening results.

Tebow led the field of QB's in the vertical jump with a leap of 38.5", so if he doesn't make it in the NFL, perhaps there is an NBA team that will take a chance on him!

He finished second in the broad jump (9'7") to Tim Hiller's (Western Michigan) 9'10". 's 6.66 seconds in the 3-Cone Drill was over two-tenths faster than the second place finisher.

His 20-Yard Shuttle Drill was faster than any other quarterback and 60-Yard Shuttle time was a full half second faster than the next best finisher.

All in all, Tebow has proven that he is a fierce competitor and has all the physical tools necessary to compete at the next level. The only question remaining is whether or not he can translate that into becoming a successful NFLquarterback on the football field against a much higher level of competition than he ever faced in college. We all know that at some point in April's NFL Draft, a team is going to take a flyer on him and then he will either put up or shut up his supporters and detractors.