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Boldin: Best Acquisition of the Off Season in NFL

Or at least that's what the guys over at the NFL Network are saying. According to NFL Total Access, they voted on the best off season acquisition throughout the entire league and it came down to two former Arizona Cardinals, Anquan Boldin and Antrel Rolle. While the Ravens traded for Boldin, the New York Giants signed Rolle, a safety that the Cardinals had cut due to contract reasons, but had hoped to re-sign. Combined with the loss of linebacker Karlos Dansby, who signed with the Miami Dolphins and the retirement of QB Kurt Warner, the Cards are looking like a mere shadow of the team that went deep into the playoffs the past couple of years and seemed to have a lock on the NFC West division title.

Not anymore, as the Cardinals loss was the Ravens gain. Hearing Rod Woodson and friends rate the Ravens trade for Boldin at the top of the off season list is an honor from the greatest sports network on television! See the link to the story that was recently aired here.