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Why the Ravens are going to Superbowl 45 and winning it.

Some/most of the people reading this are probably thinking to themselves,"Is this guy out of his mind?" Let me answer your question, no, I am not out of my mind. And If you still think I am, take a look at this.

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The Ravens have added the missing piece to their Superbowl puzzle; A good wide receiver. With Flacco coming into his third year in the NFL, Which is usually when a QB starts to break out into massive production, he was in serious need of a new "Toy' to play with. Because all of his other "Toys" are either old as Methuselah or short as one of the seven dwarfs, he got tired of them. So he asked his parents for a new Buzz Light-year, and they doled out the 3rd and 4th round picks needed to pay for Buzz Light-year. And he and the rest of the Raven's organization and fan base, is eager to see how productive he can be next year with his new "Toy".

But our passing game is not the only thing that will be better going into 2010. Our Running game will be as well. Ray Rice is one of the league's most productive running-backs, and has nowhere to go, but up in production. I see Batman (Rice) and Robin (McGahee) having a very productive year next season, and combining for over 2,500 rushing yards.

People dog on our defense a lot, but the truth is, they finished 3rd in the league last year. And if they tighten up some loose bolts, by addressing our CB and DE needs in the first and second round, we could very well be #1 next year.

If these predictions are correct, the Ravens could have the #1 defense and offense next year, and steamroll their way into Dallas. Pretty convincing, huh?

In Ozzie we trust......