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Vick Honored in Baltimore

Michael Vick
Michael Vick

Michael Vick was in Baltimore Tuesday evening along with representatives of every NFL team as part of the 32nd Annual Ed Block Courage Awards, held at Martin's West Caterers in Baltimore, Maryland. The awards honor a player on each team who exemplifies the courageous attitude that would make the former longtime trainer of the Baltimore Colts proud as he watches from heaven above as his name and legacy continues to be remembered.

Dawan Landry was voted to represent the Baltimore Ravens, based on his return from a serious head injury that ended his season in 2008.

Vick was voted as the representative and recipient by his teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles (see article here) and therefore was the most visible player at the event based on the dog-abuse issues that he was involved in over the past four years. That brought out all the animal rights activists that protested his receiving an award based on courage after the wrongs he had done.

Everyone is free to have his or her own opinions and to try to convince either side in this issue that they are wrong is wrong itself as both sides have strong cases to support their views. Yes, he abused and even participated in killing dogs, but others will say he paid the price for his crimes and should be allowed to repent and earn a living. Others will say that is fine, but to honor him for his "courage" in dealing with that is hypocritical and unnecessary.

Either way, he was in Baltimore Tuesday night and while the protesters were outside the building, he received pleasant applause and support inside. Here is an article on the event from, and below is a YouTube video of Vick's speech.

Vick Receives Ed Block Award (via wbal)