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Baltimore's Roots in this Super Bowl

Not talking about the obvious relationship that Baltimore has with the Colts of yesteryear when they were so affectionately known as the Baltimore Colts, there are more than a few long reaching roots between the two teams in Sunday's Big Game and Baltimore. Then there are some amazing comparisons between the histories of  the two Colts' franchises, whose balance is actually riding on the outcome of the Super Bowl.

On a general note of roots with the two teams, the Indianapolis Colts' Head Coach, Jim Caldwell, has to the chance to be the third rookie coach in NFL history to win the Super Bowl and the first since San Francisco 49ers George Seifert in 1989. The first rookie head coach to ever win the Super Bowl was the Baltimore Colts' Don McCafferty in the 1971 game when the Colts' Jim OBrian kicked the 32 yard game winner with seconds left in regulation to beat the Dallas Cowboys in a turnover-fest, 16-13.

Wait, the best comparisons are yet to come:

On a local note, the New Orleans Saints left tackle entrusted with protecting QB Drew Brees' blind side is none other than the 2007 fourth round pick, Jermon Bushrod, out of Towson University. Bushrod took over for starter and Pro Bowler Jammal Brown, who's been injured all season and has done a remarkable job, considering the Saints success.

Here's where the comparisons between Baltimore's and Indianapolis' Colts gets downright amazing, weird and almost scary. In their existence, both teams have played and won the exact same total of games. According to the guys over at the Pro Football Researchers Association, both cities have more than just this as uncanny comparisons. Check out the entire article they researched and published here, and then sit back and be prepared to be amazed at the facts and stats they present for your enjoyment!