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Will Ravens Take 2nd Shot at T.O.?

Terrell Owens is on the market after the Buffalo Bills announced Saturday they do not plan to offer him a contract, which begs the question: Will the Baltimore Ravens pursue him again? Terrell Owens almost was a Raven six years ago, but T.O. said goodbye to Baltimore in 2004 after the San Francisco 49ers traded him there for a second-round draft pick. He disputed the trade for contractual reasons and ended up with the Philadelphia Eagles. Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh stated he wouldn't rule out the possibility Saturday during his NFL Scouting Combine media session. "We’re interested in anyone who makes our football team better," said Harbaugh, who knows Owens from their days together with the Eagles (2004-05). So it looks like the NFL drifter is looking for yet another home.