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SB Nation Live at NFL Scouting Combine

SB Nation has five people who were credentialed and are attending the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this weekend. All five are writing about their experiences and this is benefiting all the NFL blogs on SB Nation, whether we were able to attend or not. Originally, for Baltimore Beatdown, I was okay'd to attend by the NFL, but ended up not being able to go and gave up my credential in order that another SB Nation representative could go.

Check out some of the stories that our guys are writing and even a diary of their time in Indianapolis. Blog Huddle is a general SB Nation blog by Editor-in-Chief, Tyler Bleszinski, who is writing about the guys who are at the Combine. In addition, SB Nation's Peter Bean is posting a diary of sorts here, and writes about the classic bitterness he feels from the Mainstream Media. Specifically, he speaks about an interaction with a writer who scoffs at "jokers" like us bloggers who write three stories a day instead of appreciating "my filing three stories a week."

Check the links above and keep it here for a continuing first hand look into the NFL Scouting Combine, compliments of SB Nation's intrepid reporters!