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Ray Lewis on "Playmaker Mobile"

The Baltimore Ravens All World linebacker, Ray Lewis, is part of Playmaker Mobile, an application for the iPhone and Blackberry. On Playmaker Mobile, you can read stories and watch videos by the players themselves and of course, our interest is in Ray's contribution and comments. He allows himself to be interviewed in a few videos and even posts his own thoughts about the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl, during his time in south Florida.

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Here is the email I received from the site's Editorial Director:

This is an FYI email just to let you know about Ray Lewis and Playmaker Mobile, an athlete-owned sports media property now available on the iPhone and BlackBerry. Playmaker Mobile is also available on other phones for Verizon Wireless. The company is owned by athletes, and the content comes directly from athletes. Videos, photos, text content, etc. Recently Super Bowl linebacker Jon Vilma shared his entire Super Bowl experience with fans on Playmaker Mobile. Other Playmaker Mobile athletes besides Ray include Donovan McNabb, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings, Gretchen Bleiler, Steve Nash, Lolo Jones, Josh Cribbs, Helio Castroneves, et al.

Playmaker Mobile athletes share unique content with fans, either via the mobile application or via me at the Playmaker Mobile blog:

Posts tagged with Ray:

We encourage your candid feedback, and of course would welcome any blogroll links or post mentions! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Click on the link here to read and watch Ray Lewis at Super Bowl week, after the Pro Bowl was played. Obviously, he was not overly impressed with the Pro Bowl experience but was a gracious host and certainly a better interview than the Pittsburgh Steelers' James Harrison (see what I mean by scrolling down the page after going to the link).