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Mocking the Draft 2nd Live Draft: Baltimore Ravens

After what was a very successful seven round live draft over at Mocking The Draft, we decided to start up another one to see how our views towards certain players and draft strategies have changed. Many of the picks were different from the first draft and it lead me to change my approach towards the Ravens' first two picks. We were only able to get two rounds done because of complications with other team representatives not showing up, so another 7 round live draft will be done after the 2010 combine. Here are the picks I made for the Ravens. Full draft results here.

1. (25th overall): Carlos Dunlap, DE - Florida (6'6" 290 lbs) Highlights

  • Dunlap may be the strongest Defensive End in the 2010 draft. Coming from power house, University of Florida, Dunlap showed why he deserves to be a first round pick. A perfect 3-4 DE for style of football played in the AFC North. His weight may scare off some because of the league being used to DE weighing 250-280 pounds, but he is "blessed with a rare combination of size, strength and speed -- Dunlap has drawn comparisons to former No. 1 overall selections Julius Peppers and Mario Williams -- Dunlap appeared capable of challenging to be the top pick in the draft based on his production in the SEC." A first team all conference selection who finished with 9 sacks in 2009, including 2 more in the Sugar Bowl blowout against Cincinnati. Great against the run and even though he does not possess elite quickness on the edge like a Dwight Freeney, his strength and long upper body allows Dunlap to get around Tackles very quickly. Very good awareness of where the ball is and tosses away most O-Lineman to get to the ball. "Forces the pass blocker wide, opening a lane for his spin back inside. Among his better traits is his explosive initial pop due to his upper body strength and long arms. Can knock back the run blocker and make the tackle in the hole. Good leaper. Has blocked four kicks in his career." Dunlap would be an immediate impact in the Ravens pass rush and was ranked #13 overall on my board.
  • (See Round 2 pick and commentary after the 'Jump.')

2. (57th overall): Dexter McCluster, Athlete - Ole Miss (5'8" 165 lbs) Highlights (Destroying Tennessee)

  • McCluster's stock is rising really fast right now after his dominance in the Senior Bowl practices a few weeks ago. Some of the best CB's such as Javier Arenas had a really tough time covering him in drills. I refer to McCluster as an "Athlete" because of the fact that he played Running Back at Mississippi, but is projected to be a WR in the NFL. I heard one scout who is high on McCluster say that he is a more explosive Percy Harvin and a tougher Darren Sproles. That is a some high praise. Incredible straight-line speed and is stronger than his size makes him out to be. A fearless player who seems to not back down from any defender and there are a few clips of him laying killer blocks on Linebackers. Great effort down field to help out other WR and RB. Extremely elusive and almost gets lost by other defenders because of his size and quickness. For someone his size to be a RB in the best college football conference in the nation, that shows what kind of toughness McCluster possesses. Would be an ideal player in the slot or 4 spot on 3rd downs as well as 2nd and longs. Cam Cameron would have no choice but to revamp this offense to incorporate "unusual" plays for McCluster out of the back field and as a WR.

- To see a list of all players in the 2010 draft and overall ranking made by one of the managers of this live draft, check out this well put together google document.

- Look for another 7 round mock draft after the combine this year, where we will finally have our full evaluation of all players.