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NFL Labor News

Keeping in line with our desire to stay abreast of the issues surrounding the NFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement which is expiring on March 5th, there are a bunch of other related issues coming up in the next few days and weeks until that time.

First and foremost is that teams have until February 25th to designate their players wit either the "Franchise" and/or "Transition" Tags. In addition, an uncapped year gives teams an extra Transition tag. Among other specifics, the difference between the Franchise and Transition tags are that the player must be given a salary of the average of the top five players at the position for the Franchise tag, versus the average of the top ten players at the position for the Transition tag. See the entire article on, including the minimum tenders at each position for Franchise and Transition tags by clicking here.

NFL also gives us the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the team's abilities to retain their own Restricted Free Agents here.

We all have a pretty good idea and have discussed the state of the Ravens RFA's, but here is a list of every team's RFA's from the NFL Labor News site.

Finally, there have been a bunch of questions and confusion about the effect that being one of the league's "final eight" teams in the playoffs and how that handcuffs the Ravens' (and other team's) abilities to sign free agents when the open season begins shortly. Click here to see the answers to these and other related questions.