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McGahee Staying in Baltimore?

Willis McGahee
Willis McGahee

According to, it appears that the Baltimore Ravens will more than likely be keeping running back Willis McGahee for the final year of his contract in 2010. McGahee offers a solid option as a backup and complement to starting RB Ray Rice and proved he can still get it done with 14 touchdowns in the 2009 season.

McGahee was among the league leaders in touchdowns despite having around a third of the touches of those league leaders. His 14 touchdowns tied for third in the league with the New York Jets' Thomas Jones. That was just behind the 16 TD's by both the Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson and the Jacksonville Jaguars' Maurice Jones-Drew. The league leader was the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson with 18 scoring runs.

However, McGahee scored his 14 touchdowns on 109 rushing attempts and 15 pass receptions, or 124 offensive touches. In comparison, among the touchdown leaders listed above, the minimum number of touches anyone had was 341 total touches.

Here are the rushing/receiving comparisons:

                                   Rushing/Receptions Total Touches Touchdowns

Chris Johnson                  358/50                       408                       16

Maurice Jones-Drew       312/53                       365                       16

Adrian Peterson                314/43                       357                      18

Thomas Jones                  331/10                       341                      14

Willis McGahee                 109/15                        124                     14