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Marshall's Desire to Leave Denver May Have Deeper Issues

According to

"Marshall’s discomfort in Denver could be linked psychologically to the murder of teammate Darrent Williams in 2007. Marshall was with Williams and other Broncos teammates minutes before Williams was murdered in the early hours of January 1, 2007. An altercation outside of a nightclub the players were attending allegedly led to Williams’ limousine being riddled with bullets, one of which killed him. As Marshall prepares to take the witness stand in Williams’ murder trial, people speculate that the emotional scars of that night have plagued Marshall’s stay in Denver. Besides lasting grief, he has endured guilt, even though he wasn’t in Williams’ limousine that had driven away just a few short blocks from the nightclub when it became riddled with bullets. The killing left Marshall frightened, which may explain why he has never spoken about that night publicly, at least not knowingly."

This event might be a reason why the Broncos' Brandon Marshall wants out of Denver, because this event traumatized his view of the city. If the Baltimore Ravens land him, they could satisfy his want for a new coach and a fresh city. Here's to hoping Marshall is in black and purple next year!

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