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An SB Nation Education

Recently, when speaking with some of the powers that be in SB Nation's NFL area, we came across what appears to be a need for me and for you to get a better understanding of all the wonderful options when posting or commenting here on Baltimore Beatdown. Along with the continued education of myself on the better ways to promote The Beatdown and help you guys utilize the available options, I am going to regularly post things that we all can do to "enhance" the Baltimore Beatdown viewing experience!

For example, down on the left side of the page, you will now see links to both our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Feel free to check it out, join, follow and add your thoughts there as well as here.

(More "Education" after the 'Jump')

In addition, when you are reading comments of Front Page stories, FanPosts or FanShots, there is a little tab below each comment titled "actions." If you click on this, it opens up a few choices and there is one titled "rec." Clicking on "rec" it means that you really like it and recommend others to see that specific comment. If at least three people click on "rec" it automatically adds the story to the top right side of the page under "Recommended FanPosts," which is a tribute to the story and honor for the commenter, whose comment will then appear in a green shade. Nice, eh?

If you are so bold and daring enough to write a FanPost or FanShot, please do not forget to utilize the spell-check symbol at the top of the story to make sure your spelling as well as your grammar is proper and as we have always said, please use appropriate language and your "inside voices" when both writing and/or responding to opposing viewpoints.

Finally, regardless of the heated rivalries and the attempts to bait us into foul mouth, personal attacks that lower the value of the comments and this blog, please do your best to refrain from the way too serious and stern side of the issues in dealing with our passionate opponents fans, not only when they come here but when you visit their sites. Remember, you are now representing Baltimore Beatdown all around SB Nation and in order to grow our blog's traffic and reputation, we each need to assume responsibility and accountability for our actions and reactions.

I plan to add more "educational tools" to this column and if any of there have experimented here and want to chime in, you are more than welcome. until then and beyond, I thank you for your anticipated cooperation and have fun here as you travel all around the world that is Baltimore Beatdown.