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"The Coffin Corner"

The "Coffin Corner" is the official magazine of the Professional Football Researchers Association ( The group over there put out a newsletter six times a year with tons of interesting stats and facts about everything in the history of professional football. A couple of the guys have also written books on the topic, including the one I reviewed a couple of weeks ago called "Gridiron Gauntlet" by Andy Piascik.

The Professional Football Researchers Association's January/February 2010 issue has a bunch of interesting articles you should check out. See some examples after the 'Jump.'

They have their own list of players they've "inducted" into the "Hall of Very Good" vs. those players who may or may not be in the NFL's Pro Football Hall of Fame. For instance, they inducted Denver Broncos RB Floyd Little in 2005 and he just got in the "real" Hall this year. Other players they've put into their "Hall of Very Good" but are not in the HoF include Eagles WR Harold Carmichael (Class of 2009), Dolphins safety Jake Scott (Class of 2007), Chargers QB John Hadl (Class of 2006) and Cowboys LB and MVP of Super Bowl V, when the Baltimore Colts beat his Dallas Cowboys 16-13, Chuck Howley.

The Coffin Corner also looked at official records of the NFL and found that the Super Bowl record books show that while Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett tied Reggie White's record for most sacks in a Super Bowl last year, the NFL has only been officially keeping sacks stats since 1982 and that doesn't take into account the 16 Super Bowl games prior to then.

Story writer Tod Maher went through EVERY play of EVERY Super Bowl and found that in Super Bowl X, the Pittsburgh Steelers' L.C. Greenwood sacked Dallas Cowboys QB Roger Staubach four times in the Steelers 21-17 victory. Talk about deep researching, huh?

There's also articles in this current issue about all Super Bowl Firsts and even a list of players that passed away in 2009. These are just a couple of examples of the great articles that the PFRA puts out there for all real numbers and historians of the pro game. Check it out, and you'll learn even more about the game that you might by just following Baltimore Beatdown!