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Who Powered Through: Morgan Cox

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Baltimore Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox may be done for the season after tearing his ACL, but he is definitely not forgotten. The rookie whose name was rarely mentioned, tore his ACL in the second quarter of last week's 20-10 win over the Cleveland Browns. It happened on Billy Cundiff's 27 yard field goal, yet Cox continued to play the rest of the game with the knee heavily wrapped to support his leg. A rookie, Cox supplanted the veteran Matt Katula, who was subsequently signed and remains on the roster of the New England Patriots.

With Cox out for the rest of the season, the Ravens tried out a group of long snappers this week, putting two through physicals before signing veteran Kevin Houser, a nine-year NFL veteran. See more on Houser at

Cox not only tore his ACL but sprained his MCL as well and was on crutches after game, impressing everyone for his grit and determination to stay in the game for the second half's extra point and for Sam Koch's punts. For that level of commitment and loyalty he received a game ball from Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, and earns this honor from Vicks as well. Cox is expected to recover in time to be healthy and ready for Training Camp next summer.

Get well soon, Morgan and much respect for your efforts!