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NFL Sunday Slate of Games: 'Open Thread'

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With the Baltimore Ravens not playing until Monday night, the rest of the league (except perhaps the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants now) plays on Sunday. There are quite a few games that can affect the Ravens playoff standing, so join in this Open Thread' to post your thoughts on all the other games of the day.

Waiting to hear what will happen to the Vikings/Giants game, as it was originally postponed due to snow on the roof of the Metrodome, but now the roof has collapsed so it will have to be moved elsewhere. Who knows where or even when it will end up but in the meantime, Ravens fans will just have to become fans of the Cincinnati Bengals today, as difficult as that may be, as it's all for a good cause (beating Pittsburgh)!

Teams to root for today: Bengals (vs. Steelers), Jaguars (vs. Raiders), Bears (vs. Patriots), Dolphins (vs. Jets).