RAVENS vs Carolina Panthers in Charlotte 11/21/10 (via AllOverItSJ)

Living in Charleston, South Carolina is great... except when football season rolls around. The game is hardly ever on local television. The first time we beat the Steelers this year I couldn't find a single person who cared, it sucked. Usually a group of us flock to the Kickin' Chicken- a local joint we've deemed a "Ravens bar"- and drink some buckets of Bohs thanks to our Bmore raised bartender, Ryan.

When the Ravens came to Charlotte a couple weeks ago, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to a game. I met up with old friends from home (Jarrettsville, MD in Harford Co) and couldn't believe the amount of Ravens fans in town. After a few four lokos and reuniting with some beloved Utz Crab Chips, we headed inside. The "O" during the National Anthem, and "HEEEEEAAAAAP!!" echoed through Bank of America Stadium. Panthers fans were embarrassed and by the fourth quarter, there may have been a total of 30 in the whole stadium. Reed's two pick sixes and Ray Ray's touchdown were the icing on the awesome cake Baltimore baked for Charlotte. Can't wait to come home for Christmas and hopefully make the Ravens Bengals game on Jan 2.

I made this video for my website All Over It stationed in Charleston.

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