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Tailgating Starts with the Drinking

We're going to do this topic on a weekly basis to give our readers a chance to pimp what they do to make their tailgating experience the best there is. Whether it be at the Baltimore Ravens games, other local sports events (Terps, Orioles - what?), let us know what you bring to eat, drink and play with as you await your team's game. The topics we will hit weekly will be:

- The Best Food
- The Best Drinks
- The Best Festivities
- The Best Gear
- The Best Gadgets

This week we are obviously focusing on the drinking aspect of the tailgating experience, as noted in the title of this post. The staple of any tailgating party is of course, beer. But what beer and in what form is where the differences start. Bottles, cans, local, imports, kegs are all part of the entire spread, and then we move onto the hard liquor. Of course, in this sponsored post, we recommend Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, and specifically this writer personally recommend the 100 Proof version of Captain Morgans, with a splash of diet coke and no lime!

Many fans will cook up a concoction of liquor(s) and juices, sodas and who knows what to celebrate with their own recipe specifically for tailgating. Usually, this drink is designed for the maximum effect of the alcohol in as short a time as possible. You know those drinks, right? They're the one that you know were consumed by those "fans asleep in the seats near you by halftime!

What do you do?

Captain Morgan & Marisa Miller in "Welcome to the Captain's World" Video (via CaptainMorgan)