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Oddsmakers like Ravens over Bucs

The Baltimore Ravens and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may both be 7-3 entering this Sunday's game at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium, but the oddsmakers seem to think the Ravens are a much better team as the point spread is bigger than you might think.

According to one of our sponsors, 'OddsShark' whose link can be found at the bottom of this and every SB Nation page, the Ravens are anywhere from a 7.5 to a nine point favorite. Giving more than a touchdown, even at home, in a NFL gme is usually meant to look like a mismatch on the field, according to those who set the odds. OddsShark lists the sports wagering sites that offer the best (or worst) odds for each game, depending on which side of the bet you are looking from.

The point total for the game is around 41 points combined, which appears to be the way to go if you want to wager your hard-earned cash on this contest. The Ravens almost always average around ten more points per game at home than they do on the road and their defense has not been the defense of old that so many still think this one is. However, the Ravens have been giving up an average of almost 20 points a game, mostly due to the 34 they gave up to Buffalo in their 37-34 OT win last month. Take away that game and they still give up an average of 15 points a game at home.

Combined with the team's average of scoring almost 30 points a game on their own turf, the "over" in this contest seems like the best way to go for those willing to put their money behind my mouth!