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Harbaugh Downplays Mason-Flacco "Flap"

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Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh downplayed the so-called "incident" on the sidelines between WR Derrick Mason and QB Joe Flacco in Sunday's 37-13 victory over the Carolina Panthers. In his press conference Monday afternoon, Coach Harbaugh presented it more of an example of two passionate guys wanting to win real bad and not an altercation as others have tried to characterize it as.

Interestingly, there appears to be no footage of the incident anywhere and therefore the incident remains a mystery that will probably just go away over time unless one of the two participants would prefer to elaborate further. Allegedly, Mason was unhappy with a pass that Flacco either threw or didn't throw his way. He got in Joe's face and reportedly grab his facemask. Apparently, Flacco didn't take too kindly to his leadership being questioned and the two had to be separated by teammates and coaches.

Remember, much of this is pure heresay. See related stories on the as well as