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Q&A with the Carolina Panthers Blogger

I traded five questions with Jaxon, the Carolina Panthers blogger on SB Nation over at "Cat Scratch Reader." Here are my questions to him and at the end of his responses is a link to their site for their Q&A with me:

1. The Panthers have been riddled with injuries and now have lost their #1 QB and the status of rookie starting QB looks dim. Who will start at QB and how can they "overcome" their injuries to at least remain competitive the rest of 2010?
Jaxon: As I’m sure it’s already been reported on BB Brian St. Pierre (BSP) will start for the Panthers. BSP was playing Mr. Mom two weeks ago so the thought of remaining ‘competitive’ seems like a reach at this point. Honestly we have no idea what this decision really means nor what is in store for this team week to week. I’m perplexed by the whole scenario.
2. What are the strengths and who is the standout on offense?
Jaxon: Who’s the ‘standout’ on this offense? I give up, who? Seriously, nobody comes to mind.
3. What are the strengths and who is the standout on defense?
Jaxon: LB James Anderson is having a career year after finally getting a chance to start. SS Charles Godfrey has improved dramatically. The strength of the defense was the ability to stop the run but that has down downhill the past two games. The secondary was playing well until recently as well. The season has taken its toll.
4. How should the Ravens offense attack the Panthers defense?
Jaxon: The short passing game to the RBs and TE has been working well. Heap is a good play in FFL as TEs have scored on us something like 5 or 6 games straight. We cover the deep ball pretty well and cover the edges against the run. So run it off guard and then mix in play action to RB in the flat or TE over the middle. Sounds like the Raven’s offense to a "t.".
5. Hate to go here, but I must, since the Ravens have never beaten the Panthers (0-3): What is your prediction?

Jaxon: Being 1-8 it’s hard to go Homer on this one without all loss of credibility. At the same time I’ll pass on giving an actual score and simply say the Ravens will finally get a "W" against the Panthers.

(Click here to see their Q&A with me)