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Who Powered Through? Lardarius Webb

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When the Baltimore Ravens promising cornerback Lardarius Webb went down with a major ACL tear in December 2009, the team and its fans did not expect to see him back on the playing field until deep into the 2010 NFL season, if at all. However, Webb made it back by week seven and has already made his presence felt by the team. A key interception by Lardarius that was almost returned for a touchdown in the Ravens 26-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins in week nine proved that he is healed and healthy which is a pleasant surprise on a team plagued by injuries in its secondary.

Webb has 25 tackles, three passes defense and that one pick in the three games since returning this season. In 2009, Webb finished his rookie season with 36 tackles, six passes defensed and no interceptions in the 14 games he played in.

Looking at the recent performance of Lardarius Webb after such a devastating injury that can easily take at least a full year to return from, it is obvious that Webb has "powered through!"