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What 'Festivities' Make Tailgating Great?

We're going to continue this topic on a weekly basis to give our readers a chance to pimp what they do to make their tailgating experience the best there is. Whether it be at the Baltimore Ravens games, other local sports events (Terps, Orioles - what?), let us know what you bring to eat, drink and play with as you await your team's game. The topics we will hit weekly will be:

- The Best Food
- The Best Drinks
- The Best Festivities
- The Best Gear
- The Best Gadgets

This week we are going to focus on the festivities at the tailgating lot that enhances the already great time you've started with the food and drinking that we wrote about the past two weeks. For many of us, the festivities are enjoyable just eating, drinking and sitting around shooting the ...bull and talking football and who knows what else? Sharing the good times with those around make the football game the perfect ending for what has already been a great day.

But others take it to another level. They bring speakers and set up music for the entire lot to enjoy. I've seen bands in the tailgating lots playing to the surrounding crowd. There are always those bean-bag toss games and of course, you can't forget the old-time tradition of tossing the pigskin around that has so many of us laughing t the poor abilities f those in the parking lots compared to those inside the stadium.

So now it's over to you, the readers, to tell us what festivities you enjoy, see around you or have experienced over the years of tailgating.

Captain Morgan & Marisa Miller in "Welcome to the Captain's World" Video (via CaptainMorgan)