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NFL Power Rankings Week 5: Baltimore Ravens

SB Nation has just posted their NFL Power Rankings going into week five, and incredulously, they have the New England Patriots rated as the best team in the NFL. Personally, I was shocked to see the Pats with such a high ranking. I understand how overwhelming they looked last night in their 41-14 smash-down of the Miami Dolphins at home on Monday Night Football. However, that was their Special Teams at their best and face it the Dolphins at their worst.

Besides, the Patriots lost to the New York Jets, who lost to the Baltimore Ravens at their new home on the first Monday Night Football game of the season. Beating the Jets in New York is a much tougher task that doing the same to the Dolphins in Miami. However, the Ravens will have their chance in two weeks, when they travel up to New England to face a well rested Patriots team that is headed into their Bye week.

The Ravens were ranked 5th on the list, which still is a bit low for my liking. Following the top ranked Patriots were the New Orleans Saints (#2) New York Jets (#3), and the Green Bay Packers (#4). See the SB Nation NFL Power Rankings here. I had the Saints at the top of the list, as they only lost on an overtime field goal to the Atlanta Falcons and in a game that they actually should have won in OT. Next I put the Packers at #2, followed in order by the Ravens, Jets and Steelers. I didn't even have New England in my top five.

Interestingly, the National Football Post had the Ravens in the top spot at #1 and the Patriots hanging around at number 6, similar to where I had them.

What say you all?