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Ravens' Flacco and TJ Get it Done in 17-14 Victory

Going into this game Ravens fans and Steelers fans alike knew this was going to be a good game.  Well they weren't let down. This was a classic rivalry game between the Steelers and Ravens that literally came down to the last second.

The game started of with a long-bomb from Charlie Batch to Antwaan Randel El, capped off with a 1-yard run by Rashard Mendenhall to give the Steelers the early lead. The Ravens responding accordingly with a TD run by Willis McGahee in the 2nd quarter and a field goal by Billy Cundiff to give the Ravens the 3-point lead going into half-time. The 3rd quarter resulted in a defensive lock-out that both teams know so well, going without a single point. Halfway through the 4th quarter Rashard Mendenhall punched one into the end-zone to give the Steelers the lead. Then, with seconds remaining left in the game, with all hope looking lost, Flacco nailed T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the end-zone to win the game for the Ravens; 17-14

This was a great divisional win by the Ravens, to launch us to 3-1, and 2-1 in the AFC North. If I'm correct we are now 1st in our division. A great finish by the Ravens. Today Joe Flacco proved that he has what it takes to be our franchise quarterback. Let's keep this momentum going into next week against the Broncos and pick up another "W". Let's go Ravens!!!